Consumer Survey of Asset Value


The Consumer Survey of Asset Value provides a general measure of an asset's value, usage context, and cost-to-use.

It is essential that the consumer of an asset complete the survey in order to provide robust, accurate metrics regarding the value of an asset as used in a particular project. The results of the consumer surveys are integrated in the Oracle Enterprise Repository Reports.

Survey Fields


Select the appropriate status from the list. The choices are: Note: The user will continue to receive the Usage Query 2 Notification email until usage status is updated.

Question #1

Question #2

Consumer Gross Savings records the total time (hours) this asset saved the consumer.

Question #3

Consumer Time to Reuse records the total time (hours) necessary to use or integrate the asset in the project.

Question #4

Usage records how the value of this asset was realized (reference, black box, white box, or reuse through integration).
When the survey is complete, click Update.