This image shows the Adapter Configuration Wizard - Finish page. The instructions read as follows: You have finished defining Database Adapter Service: UseJPub. When you click Finish, the Adapter Configuration Wizard will create a WSDL file called UseJPub.wsdl in your project directory. An XSD file, SCOTT_BPEL_USEJPUB_PKG-24PLSQL.xsd, which describes the signature of the procedure, will also be created. The procedure you selected requires that a wrapper procedure be created because it has one or more arguments of type PL/SQL Boolean, PL/SQL Record, or PL/SQL Table. SQL files will be created in your project directory. It may take a while to create the wrapper procedure. The name of the wrapper procedure is PKG$PLSQL. The name of the wrapper package is BPEL_USEJPUB. The name of the SQL files are BPEL_USEJPUB.sql and BPELUSEJPUB_drop.sql.