What's New

This section identifies the changes made to this guide for this release.

Documentation Changes for Release

The following table shows the sections that have changed or have been added for this release.

Chapter Section New Revised
Chapter 2, "Getting Started with ADF Faces"    
  Section 2.4, "Creating a View Page"   X
Chapter 3, "Using ADF Faces Architecture"    
  Section 3.6, "Accessing Component Properties on the Client"   X
Chapter 4, "Using the JSF Lifecycle with ADF Faces"    
  Section 4.3.2, "What You May Need to Know About Using an LOV Component and the Optimized Lifecycle" X  
Chapter 5, "Handling Events"    
  Section 5.6, "Using Client Behavior Tags"   X
Chapter 8, "Organizing Content on Web Pages"    
  Section 8.2.3, "Using Quick Start Layouts" X  
  Section 8.9.1, "How to Use the panelAccordion Component"   X
  Section 8.10, "Displaying Items in a Static Box"   X
Chapter 9, "Using Input Components and Defining Forms"    
  Section 9.5.3, "What You May Need to Know About Selecting Time Zones Without the inputDate Component" X  
  Section 9.8.3, "How to Customize the Toolbar"   X
Chapter 10, "Using Tables and Trees"    
  Section 10.2.4, "How to Display a Table on a Page"   X
Chapter 11, "Using List-of-Values Components"    
  Section 11.1, "Introduction to List-of-Values Components"   X
  Section 11.2, "Creating the ListOfValues Data Model"   X
Chapter 12, "Using Query Components"    
  Section 12.2, "Implementing the Model for Your Query"   X
Chapter 13, "Using Popup Dialogs, Menus, and Windows"    
  Section 13.2.1, "How to Create a Dialog"   X
  Section 13.2.2, "How to Create a Panel Window"   X
  Section 13.2.3, "How to Create a Context Menu"   X
  Section 13.2.4, "How to Create a Note Window"   X
  Section 13.2.5, "What Happens at Runtime: Popup Component Events" X  
  Section 13.3.1, "How to Use the af:showPopupBehavior Tag" X  
  Section 13.4.1, "How to Create Contextual Information" X  
Chapter 14, "Using Menus, Toolbars, and Toolboxes"    
  Section 14.2, "Using Menus in a Menu Bar"   X
Chapter 15, "Creating a Calendar Application"    
  Section 15.3.1, "How to Configure the Calendar Component"   X
  Section 15.5.1, "How to Customize the Toolbar"   X
Chapter 16, "Using Output Components"    
  Section 16.6, "Displaying Images in a Carousel" X  
  Section 16.7, "Displaying Application Status Using Icons"   X
Chapter 17, "Displaying Tips, Messages, and Help"    
  Section 17.5.4, "How to Use JavaScript to Launch an External Help Window" X  
Chapter 18, "Working with Navigation Components"    
  Section 18.2, "Using Buttons and Links for Navigation"   X
  Section 18.5, "Using a Menu Model to Create a Page Hierarchy"   X
Chapter 19, "Creating and Reusing Fragments, Page Templates, and Components"    
  Section 19.5, "Adding Resources to Pages"   X
Chapter 20, "Customizing the Appearance Using Styles and Skins"    
  Section 20.1.1, "Oracle ADF Faces Skins"   X
  Section 20.5, "Referring to URLs in a Skin's CSS File" X  
Chapter 21, "Internationalizing and Localizing Pages"    
  Section 21.4, "Configuring Pages for an End User to Specify Locale at Runtime" X  
Chapter 22, "Developing Accessible ADF Faces Pages"    
  Chapter 22, "How to Use WAI-ARIA Landmark Regions" X  
Chapter 23, "Introduction to ADF Data Visualization Components"    
  Section 23.2.1, "Graph"   X
  Section 23.2.3, "Pivot Table"   X
  Section 23.2.6, "Hierarchy Viewer"   X
Chapter 24, "Using ADF Graph Components"    
  Section 24.1, "Introduction to the Graph Component"   X
  Section 24.3.12, "Sparkchart Data Requirements" X  
  Section 24.6.1, "Changing the Color, Style, and Display of Graph Data Values"   X
  Section, "How to Globally Set Graph Font Using a Skin"   X
  Section, "How to Specify Scrolling on an Axis" X  
  Section, "How to Control the Appearance of Tick Marks and Labels on an Axis" X  
  Section 24.6.7, "Customizing Graph Legends" X  
  Section 24.6.8, "Customizing Tooltips in Graphs"   X
  Section, "How to Display Either Data Lines or Markers in Graphs" X  
  Section 24.7.4, "Customizing Scatter Graph Series Markers" X  
  Section, "How to Create Reference Lines or Areas During Design"   X
  Section 24.8.2, "Using Gradient Special Effects in Graphs"   X
  Section, "How to React to Changes in the Zoom and Scroll Levels"   X
  Section 24.8.6, "Adding Alerts and Annotations to Graphs"   X
Chapter 25, "Using ADF Gauge Components"    
  Section 25.1, "Introduction to the Gauge Component"   X
  Section, "Specifying Tick Marks and Labels"   X
  Section 25.4.11, "Specifying Transparency for Parts of a Gauge" X  
  Section 25.5.3, "How to Add Interactivity to Gauges" X  
Chapter 26, "Using ADF Pivot Table Components"    
  Section 26.1, "Introduction tithe ADF Pivot Table Component"   X
  Section 26.8, "Exporting from a Pivot Table" X  
  Section 26.10, "Pivot Table Data Cell Stamping and Editing"   X
  Section 26.11, "Using a Pivot Filter Bar with a Pivot Table" X  
Chapter 28, "Using ADF Gantt Chart Components"    
  Section, "Scrolling and Panning the List Region or the Chart Region" X  
  Section 28.4.1, "Data for a Project Gantt Chart"   X
  Section 28.4.3, "Data for a Scheduling Gantt Chart"   X
  Section, "How to Create and Use a Custom Time Axis" X  
Chapter 29, "Using ADF Hierarchy Viewer Components"    
  Section 29.1.1, "Understanding the Hierarchy Viewer Component"   X
  Section 29.1.2, "Hierarchy Viewer Elements and Terminology"   X
  Section 29.1.3, "Available Hierarchy Viewer Layout Options"   X
  Section 29.3.2, "How to Configure the Controls on a Node"   X
  Section 29.5.1, "How to Configure Node Selection Action" X  
  Section 29.5.2, "How to Configure a Hierarchy Viewer to Invoke a Popup Window" X  
  Section 29.5.3, "How to Configure a Hierarchy View Node to Invoke a Menu" X  
  Section 29.7.4, "How to Configure the Display of Links and Labels" X  
  Section 29.8, "Adding Search to a Hierarchy Viewer" X  
Chapter 30, "Creating Custom ADF Faces Components"    
  Section 30.2.8, "How to Add a Facelets Tag Library Configuration File" X  
  Section 30.5, "Deploying a Component Library"   X
Chapter 31, "Allowing User Customization on JSF Pages"    
  Section 31.1, "Introduction to User Customization"   X
  Section 31.2.1, "How to Implement Session Change Persistence"   X
Chapter 32, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality"    
  Section 32.1, "Introduction to Drag and Drop Functionality"   X
  Section 32.4, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality for Collections"   X
  Section 32.6, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality Into and Out of a panelDashboard Component" X  
  Section 32.7, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality to a Calendar"   X
  Section 32.8, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality for DVT Graphs" X  
  Section 32.9, "Adding Drag and Drop Functionality for DVT Gantt Charts" X  
Chapter 33, "Using Different Output Modes"    
  Section 33.2, "Displaying a Page for Print"   X
  Section 33.3, "Creating Emailable Pages" X  
Appendix A, "ADF Faces Configuration"    
  Section A.2.3.18, "ADF Faces Caching Filter" X  
  Section A.2.3.5, "User Customization"   X
  Section A.2.3.8, "Facelets Support" X  
  Section A.2.3.16, "Framebusting"   X
  Section A.2.3.17, "Suppressing Auto-Generated Component IDs" X  
  Section A.4.2, "Defining Caching Rules for ADF Faces Caching Filter" X  
  Section A.5.2.2, "Caching Rules" X  
Appendix D, "Quick Start Layout Themes" X