1 Introduction

This document is a resource for software developers who program advanced features for WebLogic Web Services using JAX-WS. The advanced features described are summarized in the following table.

Table 1-1 Programming Advanced Features Using JAX-WS

Advanced Features Description

Chapter 2, "Invoking a Web Service Using Asynchronous Request-Response"

Invoke a Web Service asynchronously.

Chapter 3, "Publishing a Web Service Endpoint"

Publish a Web Service endpoint at runtime, without deploying the Web Service.

Chapter 4, "Using Callbacks"

Notify a client of a Web Service that an event has happened by programming a callback.

Chapter 5, "Optimizing Binary Data Transmission Using MTOM/XOP"

Send binary data using MTOM/XOP and/or streaming SOAP attachments to optimize transmission of binary data.

Chapter 6, "Creating Dynamic Proxy Clients"

Invoke a Web Service based on a service endpoint interface (SEI) dynamically at run-time without using clientgen.

Chapter 7, "Using XML Catalogs"

Use XML catalogs to resolve network resources to versions that are stored locally.

Chapter 8, "Creating and Using SOAP Message Handlers"

Create and configure SOAP message handlers for a Web Service.

Chapter 9, "Programming RESTful Web Services"

Create a Web Service that follows the RESTful design paradigm.

Chapter 10, "Programming Stateful JAX-WS Web Services Using HTTP Session"

Create a Web Service that maintains state between service calls.

Chapter 11, "Publishing and Finding Web Services Using UDDI"

Use the UDDI features of WebLogic Web Service.


The JAX-WS implementation in Oracle WebLogic Server is extended from the JAX-WS Reference Implementation (RI) developed by the Glassfish Community (see https://jax-ws.dev.java.net/). All features defined in the JAX-WS specification (JSR-224) are fully supported by Oracle WebLogic Server.

The JAX-WS RI also contains a variety of extensions, provided by Glassfish contributors. Unless specifically documented, JAX-WS RI extensions are not supported for use in Oracle WebLogic Server.

For an overview of WebLogic Web Services, standards, samples, and related documentation, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Introducing Web Services.

JAX-WS supports Web Services Security (WS-Security) 1.1 (except for WS-Secure Conversation). For information about WebLogic Web Service security, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Securing WebLogic Web Services for Oracle WebLogic Server.