1 Introduction and Roadmap

Administration Console extensions enable you to add content to the WebLogic Server Administration Console, replace content, and change the logos, styles and colors without modifying the files that are installed with WebLogic Server. For example, you can add content that provides custom monitoring and management facilities for your applications.

The Administration Console is a Java EE Web application that uses the WebLogic Portal framework, Apache Beehive, Apache Struts, Java Server Pages (JSP), and other standard technologies to render its user interface (UI) and content. It also uses the WebLogic Portal framework to enable extensions.

The following sections describe the contents and organization of this guide—Extending the Administration Console for Oracle WebLogic Server.

Document Scope and Audience

This document is a resource for software vendors who embed or rebrand WebLogic Server in their products, software vendors who develop security providers or other resources that extend the functionality of WebLogic Server, and Java EE application developers who want to provide custom monitoring and configuration features for their applications.

It is assumed that the reader is already familiar with using Java, JavaServer Pages, and Apache Struts or Apache Beehive to develop Java EE Web applications. This document emphasizes a hands-on approach to developing a limited but useful Administration Console extension. For information on applying Administration Console extensions to a broader set of management problems, refer to documents listed in Related Documentation.

Guide to this Document

Related Documentation

Because the Administration Console uses the WebLogic Portal framework to render its user interface, the process of extending the Administration Console is similar to creating or editing an existing WebLogic Portal application. For information on the WebLogic Portal framework, see:

For information on JavaServer Pages, see JavaServer Pages Technology at http://java.sun.com/products/jsp/index.jsp.

For information on Apache Struts, see The Apache Struts Web Application Framework at http://struts.apache.org/.

For information on Apache Beehive, see http://beehive.apache.org/.

New and Changed Features in This Release

In this release of WebLogic Server:

  • A sample Look and Feel is provided, which you can modify to create a custom Look and Feel for the Administration Console.

  • Online help can be created and associated with console extensions.

For a comprehensive listing of the new WebLogic Server features introduced in this release, see Oracle Fusion Middleware What's New in Oracle WebLogic Server.