26 Accessing WebCenter Spaces Administration Pages

This chapter describes how to access administration pages in the WebCenter Spaces application. It contains the following subsections:


The content of this chapter is intended for WebCenter Spaces administrators. Users granted the WebCenter Spaces Administrator role or a custom role that grants the Application-Manage permission).

26.1 Logging into WebCenter Spaces as an Administrator

WebCenter users with administrative privileges will see an Administration link at the top of the application when they log in (Figure 26-1).

Figure 26-1 Administration Link

Administration link

The Administration link provides access to administration and application settings for WebCenter Spaces. For more detail, see Section 26.2, "WebCenter Spaces Administration Pages".


If you do not see this link, you do not have administrative privileges. Ask your WebCenter Spaces Administrator to check the permissions assigned to your role.

WebCenter Spaces administrators may assign administrative privileges to other users, if required. For more information, see Section 28.2.4, "Giving a User Administrative Privileges".

To log in to WebCenter Spaces.

  1. Open WebCenter Spaces using the following URL:


    If you do not know which host or port to use, ask your systems administrator. See also, "Managing Ports" in Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide.

    If you have access to Fusion Middleware Control, this information is available on the WebCenter Space home page. See Section 6.2, "Navigating to the Home Page for WebCenter Spaces".

  2. Enter your user name in the User Name field and your password in the Password field.

  3. Click Login.

Check that you can see the Administration link at the top of the application (Figure 26-1).

26.2 WebCenter Spaces Administration Pages

There are six WebCenter Administration pages—Welcome, General, Security, Personal Space, Group Spaces, and Services (Figure 26-2):

Figure 26-2 WebCenter Administration Pages

WebCenter Administration pages

Administrators can perform all their administrative duties from here:

Administration Page Description
Welcome This page is a convenient launching pad for some common administrative tasks. Click a task link to navigate to the appropriate page.
General Use this page to customize WebCenter Spaces. For example, you can specify a default language, application name, and so on. For more information, see:

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Security Use this page to manage WebCenter users and roles. For more information, see:

Chapter 28, Managing Users and Roles for WebCenter Spaces

Personal Space Use this page to manage pages for personal spaces and WebCenter Spaces, and to customize everyone's sidebar. For more information, see:

Chapter 29, "Managing Pages in WebCenter Spaces "

Chapter 27, Customizing the Sidebar

Group Spaces Use this page to manage group spaces and group space templates. For more information, see:

Chapter 31, Managing Group Spaces in WebCenter Spaces

Chapter 31, Managing Group Space Templates

Services Use this page to set application-wide properties for discussion forums, announcements, mail, and people connection components such as activity streams, personal profiles, connections, messages boards, and feeback. For more information, see:

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