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Oracle® Fusion Applications Sales Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (
Part Number E20373-01
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20 Common CRM Configuration: Define Extensible Objects for CRM

This chapter contains the following:

Define Extensible Objects for CRM

FAQs for Define Extensible Objects for CRM

Define Extensible Objects for CRM

Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales: Overview

The Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales application serves a critical need for mobile sales force personnel as a means to receive time-critical updates regarding the sales activities in the enterprise. For the deploying organization, one of the greatest benefits of the mobile application is increased sales representative productivity.

The main functionality and features of the application are:

Implement Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales: Explained

Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales provides sales representatives with access to critical sales data and functionality using smart phones. Mobile Sales gives the field sales representative instant access to sales objects such as sales accounts, contacts, opportunities, leads, tasks, calendar, notes, and interactions. Sales representatives can access the data via the native applications on the Apple iPhone or Blackberry smartphone.

For the administrator, Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales allows complete control over what content to show on the mobile application. Administrators can choose existing or custom objects, including fields, to be displayed on the mobile phones.

Implementation Overview

After the prerequisite of implementing Oracle Fusion Sales, Mobile Sales requires very minimal setup. Mobile Sales is built using the same technical stack as the Oracle Fusion Sales application, and therefore re-uses much of the setup from that application.

Mobile Sales is integrated with the following other Oracle Fusion products or modules:

Mobile Sales leverages the setup from each of these components, and therefore does not need any explicit setup, except for the following areas:

Implementation Tasks

Implementing Mobile Sales involves setting profile options and, optionally, customizing the fields and objects that users can view on their mobile devices.

Set the following profile options:

For customization purposes, Mobile Sales is integrated with the same tool used for customizing the Sales application, Oracle Fusion CRM Application Composer. A simple five-step process guides administrators through the process of configuring specific fields and objects that users can manage on their mobile devices. To customize Mobile Sales, log in to CRM Application Composer and configure Mobile Sales pages.

Mobile Sales Extensibility: Explained

Oracle Fusion CRM Application Composer lets implementors customize the Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales iPhone and Blackberry applications. Using Application Composer, implementors can manage which objects and fields are visible on Mobile Sales without having to do specific customizations for any particular device.

Implementors can manage the following for the mobile application:


To customize the sales contact object model, select the Trading Community Org Contact object under the Common application in Application Composer. To expose those sales contact object model changes on Mobile Sales pages, you must select the Mobile Contact object under the Sales application in Application Composer, then select the Pages node on the object's navigation tree.

To customize Mobile Sales for a given object, select the application you want to customize within Application Composer, and then select the parent object to manage. Select the Pages node in the navigation tree, then select the Mobile Pages tab to see the mobile configuration options for the parent and its child objects. For details on Application Composer, refer to the Oracle Fusion Applications CRM Extensibility Guide.

FAQs for Define Extensible Objects for CRM

What are the supported platforms for Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales?

The Oracle Fusion Mobile Sales client is supported on the following Apple and Blackberry platforms and devices: