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Oracle® Fusion Applications Financials Implementation Guide
11g Release 1 (
Part Number E20375-01
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Oracle Fusion Applications Financials Implementation Guide


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1 Overview

2 Maintain Common Reference Objects

3 Define Currencies and Currency Rates

4 Define Enterprise Structures

5 Define Ledgers

6 Define Business Units

7 Define Security

8 Define Approval Management

9 Define Help Configuration

10 Define Application Toolkit Configuration

11 Define Transaction Taxes

12 Define Payables

13 Define Disbursements

14 Define Subledger Accounting Rules

15 Define Cash Management and Banking Configuration

16 Define Expenses Configuration

17 Define Credit Card Data

18 Define Expense Policies and Rules

19 Define Image Processing

20 Define Assets Configuration

21 Define Common Accounts Receivable Configuration

22 Define Customer Billing Configuration

23 Define Revenue Management Configuration

24 Configure Payment System Connectivity

25 Define Funds Capture and Payments Security

26 Define Customer Payments

27 Define Customer

28 Manage Receivables System Options

29 Manage Aging Methods

30 Manage Collectors

31 Manage Dunning Configurations

32 Manage Collections Preferences

33 Manage Intercompany Balancing Rules and Ledger Balancing Options

34 Define Financial Reporting