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Oracle® Guardian Installation Guide

Part Number E15056-01
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1 Introduction and Roadmap

The following sections describe the contents and organization of this guide—Oracle Guardian Installation Guide:

1.1 Document Scope and Audience

This document is intended for system administrators who are installing Oracle Guardian 10.3.2 software. It is assumed that readers are familiar with and have a general understanding of Windows and UNIX platforms.

1.2 Guardian Installation Overview

The following section outlines the basic steps required to install and use this release of Guardian:

  1. Review Chapter 2, "Product Support Information."

  2. Install the product. See either of the following as appropriate:

  3. Start using Guardian. See Chapter 5, "Launching Guardian."

1.3 Guide to This Document

This document explains how to use the installation program on both Windows and UNIX platforms. It is organized as follows:

1.4 Related Information

Other Guardian documents that you may find helpful when installing the software are:

1.5 New and Changed Features for This Release

For a comprehensive listing of the new Guardian features introduced in this release, see "What's New in Oracle Guardian 10.3.2" in the Oracle Guardian Release Notes.