1 Using Messages

This chapter gives you general information and helpful tips about error messages.

1.1 Oracle Services for MSCS Error Messages

Oracle Services for MSCS provides a centralized message facility. When you perform an action that results in an error, the system locates the message associated with the error and displays it. Messages display a message prefix, a unique error number, and message text. For example:

FS-10001 Failed to open cluster.


All messages are prefixed by text that indicates which program generated the message. For example, messages using the "FS" prefix are generated by the Oracle Services for MSCS software, which is the server for Oracle Fail Safe.

This guide documents only Oracle Services for MSCS messages. For other messages, such as those specific to Oracle Database (using the "ORA" prefix) or to other products, refer to the documentation for that product.

Message Text

The text of the message provides additional information about the error. It usually describes the condition that produced the message.

System Reporting of Messages

Messages are displayed interactively by Oracle Fail Safe Manager, and they are displayed in a trace file if you have tracing enabled.

1.2 Variable Text

To help you find and fix errors, object names, numbers, and character strings are embedded in some messages. These embedded variables are represented by %s, %u, 0x%X, or %d. %s represents a string, %u represents an unsigned number, 0x%X represents a hexadecimal number, and %d represents a decimal number.

For example, the message "FS-10014 Failed to move the group %s" might be displayed as follows:

FS-10014 Failed to move the group FS-GROUP.

1.3 Accuracy of Messages

The accuracy of the messages in this manual is our primary concern. Occasionally, an enhancement to a message is not incorporated into the software. Should you encounter a message generated on your system that differs from the message in this book, be assured the improved message text is usually presented in the Oracle Fail Safe Release Notes or is incorporated in the next release of the software.

1.4 Calling Customer Support

For information about contacting Oracle Support Services, see the Oracle Fail Safe Concepts and Administration Guide.

1.5 Trace Files and Alert Files

For information on trace files and alert files, see the Oracle Fail Safe Concepts and Administration Guide.