Oracle Fusion Middleware Tag Reference for Oracle ADF Faces
11g Release 2 (



checkUncommittedDataBehavior check uncommitted data behavior

Provides a declarative way to show uncommitted data warning for command components with immediate="true". If the user chooses not to navigate, the client event will be cancelled. The tag may be added underneath any "command" component - commandButton, commandLink, commandMenuItem, commandToolbarButton, etc. The warning will be shown only if uncommittedDataWarning attribute is set to "on" on <af:document> or if the page contains critical taskflows, and the page contains uncommitted data. A common use of this tag is for immediate action components that are known to always navigate to a different page, and are known not to update any model data.

</section> <section name="Code_Example_s_">

This example will show a button called "Navigate". When the button is pressed, uncommitted data warning will be shown for any pages containing uncommitted data.

  <af:commandButton text="Navigate" immediate="true" action="gotopage2">