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Oracle® Outside In Viewer for ActiveX Developer's Guide
Release 8.3.7

Part Number E12847-02
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AddAnnotationHideText, A.3.1
AddAnnotationHilite, A.3.2
AddAnnotationInsertText, A.3.3
AddAnnotationPicture, A.3.4
AnnotationData, A.2.1
AnnotationDataType, A.2.2
AnnotationEndPos, A.2.3
AnnotationEvent, A.4.1
AnnotationId, A.2.4
Annotations, 5.3
AnnotationSetPos, A.3.5
AnnotationStartPos, A.2.5
AntiAliasMode, A.2.6
ArchiveSave, A.3.6
ArchiveSortDescending, A.2.7
ArchiveSortOrder, A.2.8


BMPDither, A.2.9
BMPDitherAvailable, A.2.10
BMPFitMode, A.2.11
BMPPrintAspect, A.2.12
BMPPrintBorder, A.2.13
BMPRotation, A.2.14


Clear, A.3.7
ClearAnnotations, A.3.8
Clipboard, 3.3, A.1.1.3
ClipboardOptions, A.3.9
ClipFont, A.2.15
ClipInfo, A.2.16
Close, A.4.2
ComparePositions, A.3.10
ContextMenu, A.4.3
Copy, A.3.11
CopyBuffer, A.2.17
CopyBufferSize, A.2.18
CopyPosition, A.3.12
CopyToClip, A.3.13


DBClipBoard, A.2.19
DBDraftMode, A.2.20
DBFieldNamesToClip, A.2.21
DBPrintFit, A.2.22
DBPrintGridLines, A.2.23
DBPrintHeadings, A.2.24
DBShowGridLines, A.2.25
DefaultInputCharSet, A.2.26
Definition of Terms, 1.3
DeinitDrawPage, A.3.14
DialogFlags, A.2.27
Dialogs, 4.3, A.1.2.3
Directory Structure, 1.4
Display Engine Options, 4.6, A.1.3
DisplayEngineChange, A.4.4
DisplayEngineName, A.2.28
DisplayEngineType, A.2.29
DisplayFont, A.2.30
Displaying Documents, 3.1
DisplayOptions, A.3.15
DisplayPosition, A.3.16
DoContextMenu, A.2.31
DocumentMemoryMode, A.2.32
DoHelp, A.4.5
Drawing Pages, 6.1
DrawPage, 2.4, A.3.17
DrawPageEx, A.3.18


EMailViewDisabled, A.2.33
EnableApp, A.4.6
EnableDragNDrop, A.2.34
Error, A.4.7
ErrorCode, A.2.35
ErrorMsg, A.2.36
Errors, 7.2
ErrorShowMsg, A.2.37
ExtDrawPage, A.3.19


FallbackFormat, A.2.38
FIFlags, A.2.39
FileChange, A.4.8
FileInfoDisplayName, A.2.40
FileInfoFileId, A.2.41
FileInfoFileIdName, A.2.42
FileInfoName, A.2.43
Filter and Export Filter Libraries, 2.3
FilterOptions, A.2.44
FindAnnotation, A.3.20
FindPosition, A.3.21
FontScalingFactor, A.2.45
FormatFlags, A.2.46


GenSecond, A.4.9
GetActualCount, A.3.22
GetAnnotationData, A.3.23
GetCredentials, A.4.10
GetDrawPageInfo, A.3.24
GetInfo, A.4.11
GetProperty, A.3.25
GetRawText, A.3.26
GetTechPath, A.4.12
Getting Started with .NET Applications, 2.1.5
Getting Started With Visual Basic 6.0, 2.1.3
GoToAnnotation, A.3.27


HiliteStyle, A.3.28
HScroll, A.3.29
HScrollbar, A.2.47
HScrollPageSize, A.4.13
HScrollPosition, A.4.14
HScrollRange, A.4.15
HScrollState, A.4.16


IdleBitmap, A.3.30
ImgShowFullScreen, A.3.31
ImgXZoomPercent, A.2.48
ImgYZoomPercent, A.2.49
ImgZoom, A.3.32
InitDrawPage, A.3.33
Installation, 2.1
IntlFlags, A.2.50
Introduction, 1


Keydown, A.4.17


Licensing, B.1


Memory IO, 6.2
Menus, 4.2, A.1.2.2


NSF Support, 2.1.1


Open, A.4.18
OptionChange, A.4.19
Options and Information Storage, 2.1.2


PageFormatHeight, A.2.51
PageFormatWidth, A.2.52
PagePaletteHandle, A.2.53
PagePicture, A.2.54
PageResultBottomEx, A.2.55
PageResultLeftEx, A.2.56
PageResultRightEx, A.2.57
PageResultTopEx, A.2.58
PageUnitsPerInch, A.2.59
ParseXMPMetadata, A.2.60
Positions, 5.2
PrintCollate, A.2.61
PrintCopies, A.2.62
PrintEndPage, A.2.63
PrinterAbort, A.4.20
PrinterDC, A.2.64
PrinterDriver, A.2.65
PrinterName, A.2.66
PrinterPort, A.2.67
PrintFont, A.2.68
Printing, 3.2, A.1.1.2
PrintJobName, A.2.69
PrintMarginLeft, Right, Top, and Bottom, A.2.70
PrintOI, A.3.34
PrintOptions, A.3.35
PrintSetup, A.3.36
PrintStartPage, A.2.71


query folders, 2.2


Raw Text, 5.4
RawTextCharSet, A.2.72
RawTextEvent, A.4.21
RawTextLength, A.2.73
RawTextOffset, A.2.74
RawTextString, A.2.75
Read, A.4.22
ReadAheadDone, A.4.23
Redirected I/O, 2.4, 6.3
RedirectOIX, 2.4
ReorderMethod, A.2.76
ResourceLibraryID, A.2.77


Samples, 2.4
annotate, 2.4
mdiview, 2.4
options, 2.4
search, 2.4
simple, 2.4
welcome, 2.4
Scroll Bar Interaction, A.1.2.4
SDK Reference, A
Search, A.3.37
SearchAnno(CS, VB, CPP), 2.4
Searching Documents, 5
SearchNext, A.3.38
Seek, A.4.24
SelChange, A.4.25
SelectAll, A.3.39
Selecting Files, A.1.1.1
SelectionAnchor, A.2.78
SelectionEnd, A.2.79
SetActualCount, A.3.40
SetPositionToCurrent, A.3.41
SetPositionToSelection, A.3.42
Simple(CS, VB, CPP), 2.4
SSClipBoard, A.2.80
SSDraftMode, A.2.81
SSPrintDirection, A.2.82
SSPrintFit, A.2.83
SSPrintGridLines, A.2.84
SSPrintHeadings, A.2.85
SSPrintScalePercent, A.2.86
SSPrintScaleXHigh, A.2.87
SSPrintScaleXWide, A.2.88
SSRowColNamesToClip, A.2.89
SSShowGridLines, A.2.90
SSShowHiddenCells, A.2.91
Stat, A.4.26
Status Callback Function, A.2.92
StatusEvents, A.2.92
SysLotusNotesPath, A.2.93
System Read Ahead, 7.1
System Requirements, 2.1
SystemIdle, A.3.43
SystemRawText, A.2.94
SystemReadAhead, A.2.95
SystemTimer, A.2.96
SystemUnicode, A.2.97


Tell, A.4.27
Text Selection, 4.1, A.1.2.1
ToClipboard, A.2.99


UnmappableChar, A.2.100
UseDocPageSettings, A.2.101
User Interface Options, 4


VecFitMode, A.2.102
VecPrintAspect, A.2.103
VecPrintBackground, A.2.104
VecPrintBorder, A.2.105
VecShowBackground, A.2.106
ViewFile, A.3.44
Viewing Documents, 3
ViewThisFile, A.4.28
Visual C++, 2.1.4
VScroll, A.3.45
VScrollbar, A.2.107
VScrollPageSize, A.4.29
VScrollPosition, A.4.30
VScrollRange, A.4.31
VScrollState, A.4.32


What's New in Release 8.3.7, 1.1
WhatToPrint, A.2.108
API DLLs, 2.3
Display Engine DLLs, 2.3
Libraries and Structure, 2.3
Premier Graphics Filters, 2.3
WPDisplayMode, A.2.109
WPEmailHeaderOutputMode, A.2.110
WPFitMode, A.2.111
WPWrapToWindow, A.2.112