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Oracle® Outside In File ID Developer's Guide
Release 8.3.7

Part Number E12875-02
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1 Introduction

File ID is part of Oracle's family of OEM products known as Outside In Technology, a powerful document extraction, conversion and viewing technology that can access the information in more than 500 file formats.

There may be references to other Outside In Technology SDKs within this manual. To obtain complete documentation for any other Outside In product, see:

and click on Outside In Technology.

1.1 What's New in Release 8.3.7

1.2 What Does This Technology Do?

The Outside In File ID API allows developers to identify files using the same technology that all Outside In products use internally. This specification uses a 16-bit value called the ID or type ID to identify different file formats. These IDs are defined in sccfi.h.

1.3 Overview

This API includes the following functions:

1.4 Directory Structure

Each Outside In product has an sdk directory, under which there is a subdirectory for each platform on which the product ships (for example, fi/sdk/fi_win-x86-32_sdk). Under each of these directories are the following three subdirectories:

In the root platform directory (for example, fi/sdk/fi_win-x86-32_sdk), there are two files:

1.5 Copyright Information

The following notice must be included in the documentation, help system, or About box of any software that uses any of Oracle's executable code:

Outside In File ID© 1991, 2011 Oracle.