Using Application Classes

This chapter provides an overview of application classes and packages and discusses how to work with application classes to use in PeopleSoft CRM.

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An application class is a PeopleCode program. Unlike traditional PeopleCode programs, application classes (in conjunction with application packages) provide a hierarchical structure to your PeopleCode programs and help you extend the common functionality of existing PeopleCode classes from one application to another.

An application package is a container for application subpackages and application classes. Using application packages, you can create custom classes that inherit the functionality of existing PeopleCode classes they extend. In addition, application packages facilitate programming development by offering a structure in which every class is clearly defined and its methods and properties are well organized.

Many PeopleSoft CRM applications enable you to plug in custom functionality by referencing an application class to be invoked. For example, when setting up configurable search, you can select an application class to run and perform custom processing before the search list is created.

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This section discusses looking up application classes.

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Page Name

Definition Name



Application Packages Lookup


Click the Package Tree Viewer link on any page on which you can reference an application class.

Browse for and select application classes.

Class Inspector


Customers CRM, Class Inspector

By transfer from other pages that reference application classes.

View properties and methods of an application class. This page is available only to users with permissions to view and modify system configuration.

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Access the Application Packages Lookup page (click the Package Tree Viewer link on any page on which you can reference an application class).

In addition to using the Package Tree Viewer link to look for an application class, you can also use the prompt button of the Application Class ID field available on the page where you want to reference an application class.

Filters For Lookup

Search By

Select application class or application package.

Class and Class Path

Based on your selected lookup type (application class or application package), the system enables the Class or Class Path field for you to enter search criteria (for example, enter a portion of the application class ID or package name).

Application Class Tree

When you enter the search criteria and click the Search button, the system returns any matching application packages.

Note. If matches are found for searches on application classes or subpackages, the system returns a list of application packages in which the application class or subpackage being searched on is used.

Click the Expand All link to view the contents of all application packages listed. A package can include a number of application classes, subpackages, or both. A subpackage within its parent package contains application classes. Click Collapse All to go back to the high-level view with no package details.

When you locate the application class that you want to use, select it by clicking its link in the tree structure. The system then populates the ID and path of this application class in the Application Class Details group box. Click OK to return to the page (from where you accessed the Application Packages Lookup page), and the same information appears in the Application Class ID and Application Class Path fields on the original page.