Appendix: Delivered Web Services and Service Operations

This appendix discusses the delivered web service and service operations for the Correspondence Management component.

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This section discusses:

Note. PeopleBooks provide functional descriptions of the web services (for example, list of operations and their descriptions) delivered by their applications. For technical information of these web services, refer to the web services documentation that is available after the installation of the application CD. Locate the Web Services Doc folder under %PSHOME% and open the index.html file in that folder to access information about various web services.

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PeopleSoft CRM delivers these service operations for the Correspondence Management web service:

Note. All three operations, if successful, return a correspondence ID so you can identify the correspondence. These operations, however, do not support file attachments.

This table provides the technical names, operation type, and messages names of the service operations that are related to the Correspondence Management web services:

Service Operation

Operation Type

Request Message

Response Message

Deliver to Email





Deliver to Printer





Simple Send Email





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You can view the elements and fields that are included in each Correspondence Management operation message through PeopleTools.

To view a list of field names and aliases for a particular message:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Integration Broker, Integration Setup, Messages.

  2. Enter CMF_WEB in the Message Name field and click Search.

    The system lists all the messages that are related to Correspondence Management.

  3. Select the message you want to view.

  4. Click the message name link under the Parts grid.

    The system opens the Message Definition page in a new browser.

  5. Click the plus sign next to the table name at the bottom of the page to view the fields and aliases associated with the message.