Appendix: Delivered Web Service and Service Operations

This appendix discusses the delivered Case web service and service operations for the Case component.

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This section discusses:

See Integrating a Case with Third-Party Systems.

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Working with Business Processes and Web Services

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PeopleSoft CRM delivers these service operations for the Case web service:

This table provides the technical names, operation type, and messages names of the service operations that are related to the Case web service RC_CASE:

Service Operation

Operation Type

Request Message

Response Message

Create Case





Get Case





Search Case





Update Case





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You can view the request and response messages that are included in each Case service operation through PeopleTools.

To view a list of field names and aliases for the RC_CASE-related messages:

  1. Select PeopleTools, Integration Broker, Integration Setup, Services.

  2. Enter RC_CASE in the Service field and click Search.

    From the result list, select the service RC_CASE.

  3. Within the service definition's Existing Operations grid, select the service operation you want to view.

  4. Within the service operation definition, select View Message link for the message you want to view.

    The system opens a new browser window to display the Message Definition page.

  5. Within the message definition, click the desired message name link in the Parts grid.

    The system opens a new browser window to display the message part.

  6. Click the plus sign next to the table name at the bottom of the page to view the fields and aliases associated with the message.