Customizing the work environment

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P6 Web Access includes a range of customization features you can use to access the specific project data you choose in a format that meets your needs.

User Interface View Preferences

Depending on your module access, your administrator can assign you to a customized view of P6 Web Access that corresponds to your role and work processes in your organization. The View preferences tab lets you review the tabs, tab icons, and action menu items you can access in each section of the application as defined in your assigned user interface view. If you have the rights to edit your view, you can customize the view to suit your precise needs by choosing the items you want to display, and specifying the display order in which selected items appear, in the Dashboards, Projects, Portfolios, and Resources sections.

To view and edit the content of your view

At the top of any P6 Web Access page, click Preferences.

Click the View tab to view and edit the content of your view.

For all sections of the application, items selected in the Action Menu section appear as menu items in the global navigation bar. For Portfolios and Projects, items selected in the Tab Icons section appear as icons in the Portfolios and Projects toolbars.

Global and Projects Section Preferences

Global preference settings affect data across the application. For example, you can specify the currency and date format you want to use.

If you have the required module access, you can also set preferences that affect the content and layout of several pages in the Projects section. For example, you can specify the categories of information you want to display in Activity and Project Details.

To review and change your preferences

At the top of any P6 Web Access page, click Preferences.

Click the corresponding tab to set Global or Projects preferences.

Customizing Workspaces

You can customize your dashboards to select the portlets you want to display and to specify how you want to organize them within the workspace. The dashboard filtering feature lets you focus on information related to a single project or all projects associated with a specific portfolio or project code.

If you have the required privileges, you can customize the workspace and workgroups associated with a project. As with dashboards, you can choose the portlets you want to display and specify how they are presented on the Project Workspace or workgroup page.

Within all workspaces, you can hide, show, expand and collapse elements as needed.

Customizing Pages and Portlets

Many P6 Web Access pages and portlets offer the capability to customize the standard, or default, data view. For example, on the Activities page, you can choose the data columns you want to display in the Activity Table, and filter, group and sort activities. The Portfolios > Portfolio Analysis and Portfolios > Capacity Planning pages offer extensive options that enable you to retrieve, organize, and chart data according to tour specific requirements. In the Issues portlet, you can filter, group, and chart issues as well as choose the data details to display.

Throughout the application, these features are available through Customize links or other context-specific links and options displayed on the page.

For details about the customization features available on a specific P6 Web Access page, click Help at the top of the page. For details about portlet customization options, click icon to launch portlet help in the portlet title bar.