Appendix: Delivered Workflows for Cash Management

This appendix discusses delivered workflows for Cash Management.

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This section discusses Cash Management workflows. The workflows are listed alphabetically by workflow name.

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This section discusses the Settlement Selection and Settlement Approval workflow.

Note that these workflows are separate workflows that use the same pages and processes.


Event Description

When you select a settlement on the Select Settlements page, or approve a settlement on the Approve Settlements page.

Note. The Select Settlements and Approve Settlements page have the same object name (STL_SELECTION).

Action Description

Routes names of selected or approved settlements to an assigned user's worklist.

Notification Method


Active or Inactive


Workflow Objects

Approval Rule Set

Execute Treasury Settlements

Business Process

Managing Cash (TR_MANAGE_CASH)


Execute Treasury Settlements


In PeopleTools Application Designer, you can edit the delivered approval rule set to change the assigned roles.