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Oracle® Containers for J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans Developer's Guide
10g (

Part Number E13981-01
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Configuring Commit Options for an Entity Bean With Bean-Managed Persistence

For an entity bean with bean-managed persistence, you can choose between commit options A and C.

Commit option A offers a performance improvement by postponing a call to ejbLoad.

If you configure a read-only entity bean with bean-managed persistence to use commit option A (see "Configuring a Read-Only Entity Bean With Bean-Managed Persistence"), you can further improve performance by taking advantage of the caching of the read-only entity bean with bean-managed persistence (see "Commit Options and BMP Applications".

Commit option C is the default.

For more information, see "What are Entity Bean Commit Options?".

Using Deployment XML

Example 15-5 shows the orion-ejb-jar.xml file entity-deployment element commit-option sub-element attribute mode. Valid settings are A and C. The number-of-buckets attribute is the maximum number of cached instances allowed and is applicable only for commit option A.

Example 15-5 orion-ejb-jar.xml For Commit Options

<entity-deployment name=EmployeeBean" location="bmpapp/EmployeeBean" >
   <resource-ref-mapping name="jdbc/OracleDS" />
   <commit-option mode="A" number-of-buckets="10" />