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Oracle® Containers for J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans Developer's Guide
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Part Number E13981-01
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Configuring a Life Cycle Callback Method on a JPA Entity

You can specify a JPA entity class method as a callback method for any of the following life cycle events:

The entity class method must have the following signature:

int <METHOD>()

The entity class method can have any method name as long as it does not begin with ejb.

For more information, see the following:

Using Annotations

You can specify a JPA entity class method as a life cycle callback method using any of the following annotations:

  • @PrePersist

  • @PostPersist

  • @PreRemove

  • @PostRemove

  • @PreUpdate

  • @PostUpdate

  • @PostLoad

Example 7-30 shows how to use the @PrePersist annotation to specify JPA entity class method initialize as a life cycle callback method.

Example 7-30 @PrePersist

public class Project implements Serializable {
    @Column(name="PROJECT_ID", primaryKey=true)
    public Integer getId() {
         return id;
    public int initialize() {