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Oracle® Containers for J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans Developer's Guide
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Part Number E13981-01
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Configuring an Environment Reference to a Persistence Context

The simplest way to acquire an entity manager is by using the @PersistenceContext annotation (see "Acquiring an EntityManager").

However, to acquire an entity manager in a class that does not support annotations and injection, namely helper classes, you must first define a persistence-context-ref in the appropriate deployment descriptor file.

To create an environment reference to a persistence context, do the following:

  1. Define a logical name for the persistence context.

    Define a <persistence-context-ref> element in the appropriate client deployment descriptor (see "Where do you Configure an EJB Environment Reference?") and configure the following subelements:

    • <persistence-context-ref-name>: a logical name for the persistence context.

    • <persistence-unit-name>: the name of the persistence unit associated with this persistence context.

      You must define a persistence unit of this name in a persistence.xml file.

      For more information, see the following:

    Example 19-18 shows a <persistence-context-ref> element for a persistence context in a web.xml file.

    It is a best practice to start the reference name with persistence, but it is not required. In the bean code, the lookup of this reference (see "Acquiring an Entity Manager in a Helper Class") is always prefaced by java:comp/env (for example, java:comp/env/persistence/InventoryAppMgr).

    Example 19-20 web.xml For a Persistence Context

                    Persistence context for the inventory management application.
                    InventoryManagement <!-- Defined in persistenc.xml -->

For information on looking up and using an entity manager, see "Acquiring an Entity Manager in a Helper Class".