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Oracle® Containers for J2EE Enterprise JavaBeans Developer's Guide
10g (

Part Number E13981-01
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Using Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Application Server Control

The Application Server Control is a JMX-compliant, Web-based user interface for deploying, configuring and monitoring applications within OC4J, as well as managing the OC4J server instance and the Web services used by your applications.

Using the Application Server Control JMX administrative task, you can modify properties of all EJB types deployed to OC4J without having to restart Oracle Application Server or redploy your application, as follows:

  1. Launch Application Server Control.

  2. Click the Administration link.

  3. Click System MBean Browser.

  4. Specific MBean instances are accessed through the navigation pane to the left of the console. Expand a node in the navigation pane and drill down to the MBean you wish to access.

    For example, for a standalone OC4J, select: J2EEServer > standalone > J2EEApplication > application-name > EJBModule > module-name

  5. Select the type of an enterprise bean, such as StatelessSessionBean, MessageDrivenBean, or WebServicePort.

  6. Select an MBean instance.

  7. Click the appropriate tab in the right-hand pane:

    • Click the Attributes tab to access the MBean's attributes. If you modify any attribute values, click Apply Changes to apply your changes to the OC4J runtime.

    • Click the Operations tab to access the MBean's operations. After selecting a specific operation, click the Invoke to call it.

    • Click the Notifications tab to subscribe to the MBean's notifications. After selecting a specific notification, click Apply to subscribe to it.

    • Click the Statistics tab to view the MBean's statistics.

You can use Application Server Control for most administration tasks.

For more information, see the following: