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Oracle® Application Server Web Services Developer's Guide
10g (

Part Number E13982-01
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1 Web Services Overview

2 Development and Documentation Roadmap

3 OracleAS Web Services Architecture and Life Cycle

4 Getting Started

5 OracleAS Web Services Messages

6 Assembling a Web Service from WSDL

7 Assembling a Web Service with Java Classes

8 Assembling a Web Service with EJBs

9 Assembling Web Services with JMS Destinations

10 Assembling Database Web Services

11 Assembling Web Services with Annotations

12 Assembling REST Web Services

13 Testing Web Services Deployment

14 Assembling a J2EE Web Service Client

15 Assembling a J2SE Web Service Client

16 Using JAX-RPC Handlers

17 Processing SOAP Headers

18 Using WebServicesAssembler

19 Packaging and Deploying Web Services

A Web Service Client APIs and JARs

B Oracle Implementation of the WSDL 1.1 API

C oracle-webservices.xml Deployment Descriptor Schema

D service-ref-mapping Schema

E Error Message Prefixes

F Troubleshooting

G Third Party Licenses