A JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Demand Flow Manufacturing Tables

This appendix contains the following topics:

A.1 Base Data and Data Movement Tables

This section lists base data and data movement tables. You populate these tables by entering data in the base data programs or by importing data from JD Edwards EnterpriseOne execution systems. Base data and data movement tables include:

Table Description
FF30L002 DFM Bill of Material Master
FF30L010 Scenario Master
FF30L011 Line Design Control Parameters
FF30L012 Kanban Control Parameters
FF30L013 Default User Scenario
FF30L014 Branch/Plant Master
FF30L015 Resource Master
FF30L016 Default User Branch/Plant
FF30L017 DFM Work Center Master
FF30L301 DFM Customer Master
FF30L401 DFM Supplier Master
FF30L501 DFM Item Definition Master
FF30L512 DFM Item Units of Measure Conversion Factors
FF30L513 DFM Units of Measure Standard Conversion
FF30L601 DFM Employee Master
FF30L801 Sales Order Master
FF30L990 DFM Data Move Configuration Header
FF30L991 DFM Data Move Configuration Detail

A.2 Line Design Tables

This section lists tables used for line design. Line design tables include:

Table Description
FF30L005 DFM Task Master
FF30L101 Mixed Model Family Master
FF30L102 Mixed Model Family Items
FF30L110 Standard Sequence of Events
FF30L115 Sequence of Events
FF30L116 Components Consumed
FF30L117 DFM Event Summary Table
FF30L201 Volume Design Master
FF30L202 Volume By Family
FF30L203 Volume By Family By Part
FF30L701 DFM Process Master
FF30L702 Path Master
FF30L703 Process Path Relationship
FF30L707 Path Links
FF30L708 Product Synchronization Results
FF30L901 Process Map Header Table
FF30L902 Process Map Detail Table
FF30L904 Process Map Work Content Table
FF30L905 Cell Master
FF30L910 Mixed Model Line Design Header
FF30L911 Mixed Model Line Design Detail
FF30L912 Line Master
FF30L920 Total Product Cycle Time Header
FF30L921 Total Product Cycle Time Detail
FF30L930 DFM Routings
FF30L950 DFM Operation Definition Header
FF30L951 DFM Operation Definition Detail

A.3 Kanban Management Tables

This section lists tables used for kanban management. Kanban management tables include:

Table Description
FF31K10 DFM Kanban Flow Capacity
FF31K11 DFM Kanban Parent Items
FF31K20 DFM Kanban Component
FF31K21 DFM Kanban Component Pull Chain
FF31K22 DFM Kanban Component Pull Sequence
FF31K30 DFM Kanban Master
FF31K41 DFM Kanban Pull Chain
FF31K42 DFM Kanban Locations
FF31K50 DFM Kanban Constants

A.4 Resource Management Tables

This section lists tables used for resource management. Resource management tables include:

Table Description
FF34R010 Resource Design Master
FF34R011 Resource Calendar Master
FF34R012 Resource Simulation Master

A.5 Daily Planning and Sequencing Tables

This section lists tables used for planning and sequencing. Planning and sequencing tables include:

Table Description
FF34S001 Sequence Detail
FF34S002 Daily Plan
FF34S003 DFM Planning Parameters
FF34S01W DFM Plan Demand Work File