The image colect_template_overview90.png is the graphic titled Collection template overview. There are three collection examples on the right side. The Apollo Collection contains JEAN.BLK, JEAN.BLU, TSHIRT.BRN, TSHIRT.RED, TSHIRT.GRN. The Gemini Collection contains JCKT.BRN, JBKT.BLK, PANTS.BLK, PANTS.BRN. The Venus Collection contains DRESS.RED, DRESS.BLU, DRESS.GRN. The center of the graphic is the Fall Template containing items from the three collections: TSHIRT.BRN, TSHIRT.GRN, JCKT.BRN, PANTS.BRN, DRESS.GRN. Corresponding right arrows go from the item in the collection to the collection template, Fall Template. From Fall Template, right arrow to Matrix Order Entry (Used during Sales Order Entry).