ADF Mobile

ADF Mobile extends Oracle Application Development Framework to mobile users. Using Oracle JDeveloper, application developers can rapidly develop mobile applications that support mobile users accessing critical business data through either on-device mobile client or mobile.

Business Service

Business services are JD Edwards EnterpriseOne OMW objects that contains one or more java classes that expose public methods. The methods access logic in EnterpriseOne and support a specific step in a business process, such as adding a sales order or updating an address book record.

A business service contains internal value object classes, which make up the signature for the public methods.

Business services are managed by published business services, which are exposed to the user as a web service.

Business Service Properties

Business service properties are key value pairs that are referenced in the business service code. The properties enable users to change the functionality of a business service without changing the internal code of the business service. Properties also enable users to expose values to an end user of the business service.

For example, a customer can use business service properties to limit the number of records returned when processing data that is associated with the business service. Business service properties enable users to easily enter or change processing information without having to change the code of the associated business service.


Device refers to the mobile phone or tablet that users can use to access JD Edwards EnterpriseOne mobile applications. Examples of supported devices include IOS and Android phones and tablets.


Methods are pieces of code that perform a specific function. A public method is available to be exposed. Some public methods are exposed as web service operations. Other public methods are not exposed, and are internal business services.