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Oracle® Communications Services Gatekeeper Installation Guide
Release 5.0

Part Number E16615-02
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1 Task Overview

This chapter provides a high level description of the process of installing and configuring Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper. Subsequent chapters describe the steps in detail.

Setting up Services Gatekeeper is a multi-step process that includes planning the hardware and network setup, installing the database software, installing the Services Gatekeeper software which includes WebLogic Server and can include a Java Development Kit (JDK), configuring the WebLogic domain, and some other post-installation tasks.

If you are integrating Services Gatekeeper with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), you need to install the SOA facades.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Services Gatekeeper, you need to perform the upgrade tasks.

Planning the Network/Hardware Setup

Before you can install Services Gatekeeper, you must gather some information about your system and decide on the directories in which to install for the software. You need to know:

Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper has been tested to run on specific hardware and software platforms. Supported Configurations are outlined in detail in Table 2-1, "Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0 Certification Matrix" in "Supported Configurations" Unless your installation has been specified differently in cooperation with Oracle, only these configurations are supported.

Installing the Database Software

You need to install the database software for the database used by Service Gatekeeper. For information on installing the database software, see "Installing the Database".

Installing Services Gatekeeper Software

Installing Services Gatekeeper generally copies these separate components to your hardware:

Each of these components is copied to its appropriate places when you run the Services Gatekeeper installer. There are three installer modes available:

You need to perform an installation on each machine in your Services Gatekeeper configuration.

For information on installing the Services Gatekeeper components, see "Installing Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper"

It is recommended that you install Services Gatekeeper on the local disk of each server in your configuration, as illustrated in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1 The Recommended Installation

Surrounding text describes Figure 1-1 .

If all of your servers can access a shared file system, it is possible to install Services Gatekeeper only there (see Figure 1-2), but this is not recommended, for performance reasons.

Figure 1-2 Possible, but not recommended

Surrounding text describes Figure 1-2 .

Configuring the WebLogic Server Domain for Services Gatekeeper

There are two tools available to configure the domain for your WebLogic Server for use in Services Gatekeeper installations:

Services Gatekeeper ships with five default configuration templates:

These templates contain the basic information for setting up various common installation selections. However, in all cases, some aspects of the domain may need to be adjusted during the domain configuration process.

For information about configuring the domain, see Chapter 5, "Configuring the Domain for Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper."

Completing Post-Installation Tasks

After installation is complete and your domain has been set up, there are a few post-installation tasks that may be required depending on your requirements. These include creating JMS servers for additional Network Tier servers, installing the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE), installing Orbacus, and adding a custom password validator.

For information about the post-installation tasks, see in Chapter 6, "Completing Post-Installation."

You will also need to configuring Services Gatekeeper. For detailed information, see System Administrator's Guide, another document in this set.

Installing SOA Facades

If you are integrating Services Gatekeeper with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments, you need to install the SOA facades.

For information, see Chapter 7, "Installing SOA Facades."

Upgrading from A Previous Services Gatekeeper Release

If you are upgrading from Services Gatekeeper 4.1[.x] to 5.0, see the upgrade instructions in Chapter 8, "Upgrading Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper."

For Further Information about WebLogic Server

To learn more about installing WebLogic Server products in general, and about the installer program in particular in regard to WebLogic Server, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Installation Guide for Oracle WebLogic Server at: