The graphic shows application instances at the top, SMSCs at the bottom, with the UCP component between them. An arrow indicates server-side connections flowing north from the SMSC to the applications through the UCP component and another arrow shows client -side connections flowing south from applications to the SMSCs through the UCP component.

The UCP component is represented by a box broken into smaller horizontal boxes. The top half is the UCP Plugin, divided into PluginNorth on the top and PluginSouth on the bottom. The lower half of the UCP component is the UCP Protocol Server Service, inside of which is a box at the bottom representing the SMSC connections. Lines connect the SMSC connections part of the service with SMSCs outside the UCP component. Arrows labeled Credential Mapping and Connection Mapping point from the UCP Protocol Server Service box to the right, outside the UCP component, representing the Connection Information Manager.