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The Discussions category enables you to control Oracle Beehive's Discussions Service. This service enables organizations to host threaded, online discussion forums in which users can browse message boards, and post and respond to messages.

Refer to the section "Discussions Service" in the module "Oracle Beehive Services" in Oracle Beehive Concepts in Oracle Beehive Documentation Library.

A forum is a container for any number of topics.

A topic is a collection of discussion messages. It represents one threaded, online discussion among a forum's members.

A discuss this forum is a special forum that contains all topics about a particular bondable object that is being discussed.The DiscussThisForum resource is a marker interface and does not add any methods to Forum.

An announcement is a special type of topic. It represents an important or time-sensitive topic, and is generally be placed in a special announcement forum or at the top of a regular forum. In general, only moderators are allowed to post an announcement. It has an active and an expiration date. Before the active date, an announcement is kept hidden from non-moderators; after the expiration date, the announcement may be hidden, archived, or marked as expired.

The DiscussionMessage resource is a message with the added semantics of threading. A DiscussionsMessage has child DiscussionsMessages and optionally a parent DiscussionsMessage. The first DiscussionsMessage of a Topic does not have a parent DiscussionsMessage. Every DiscussionsMessage must have a parent topic that contains that message.

The DiscussionsDraft resource is a draft version of a discussions object; it can be a draft version of a new topic, a draft version of a new announcement, or a draft version of a reply to an existing topic/announcement (a draft of a DiscussionsMessage). The DiscussionsDraft has an intended destination that represents where it will exist once it is posted. In the case of a draft topic or announcement, the destination is a handle to the Forum where the new Topic or Announcement will be created when the draft is posted. In the case of a draft DiscussionsMessage, the destination is a handle to the DiscussionsMessage for which this draft is a reply. When the draft DiscussionsMessage is posted, it will be a new child message of the destination message.

The following table describes the relationships among Discussions category resources:

Resource Permissible Child Elements


  • DiscussionDraft: Zero or more




  • Forum: Zero or more

  • DiscussThisForum: Zero or more


  • Forum: Zero or more

  • Announcement: Zero or more

  • Topic: Zero or more


  • DiscussThisForum: Zero or more

  • Announcement: Zero or more

  • Topic: Zero or more


  • DiscussionsMessage: One or more


  • DiscussionsMessage: One or more



Discussions Programming Tips

This section covers the following topics:

Required Privileges

The logged in user requires the FORUM_USER or FORUM_MGR to access his or her discussions messages. Refer to the section "Managing Privileges" in the module "Managing Oracle Beehive Access Control" in Oracle Beehive Administrator's Guide for more information.

Working with DiscussThisForum

A comment posted on a forum in response to an artifact is a discussion message that is stored in a DiscussThisForum, which is a forum created automatically to contain discussion messages on an artifact. For example, you may start a DiscussThisForum in response to a Document by creating a DiscussArtifactParameter, setting its ArtifactHandle to the Document's EID, then sending the DiscussArtifactParameter to the /adoc/discuss/ POST method.

You cannot start a new DiscussThisForum in response to a Topic, Announcement, DiscussThisForum, or DiscussionsMessage.

When you retrieve discussion messages from a forum, Oracle Beehive RESTful Web Services will not retrieve any discussion messages stored in DiscussThisForums. To retrieve these discussion messages, follow these general steps:

  1. Retrieve the artifact that has comments associated with it.

  2. From this artifact, retrieve the bond of type DISCUSS_THIS.

  3. From this bond, obtain the DiscussThis forum that contains the comments.

Working with Topic

This section contains the following topics:

Setting Permissions on Forums

The forum resource has two members, discussionMessageDeletePermissions and discussionsMessageUpdatePermissions, with which you define who may delete or update discussion messages in the forum and when these delete and update operations may be performed.

The discussionMessageDeletePermissions and discussionsmessageUpdatePermissions members contain three members: