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The Wiki category enables you to control Oracle Beehive's Wiki Service.

Wiki Category Programming Tips

Extracting Links from a Wiki Page

The Wiki Service is responsible for extracting the links in a wiki page and creating bonds for them.

To extract links, update the wiki page with either wiki/{id} or wiki/content/{id} and set extractReferences to true in the wikiPageUpdater request payload.

You may create a page that contains links to missing targets. As you create those targets with the appropriate name, bonds are created.

Rendering Wiki Pages

It is recommended that you create all your wiki pages in the default Wiki folder in the workspace. This will simplify your rendering settings. Refer to the documentation for the WikiPageRenderMode resource for information about how to render a wiki page.

Creating WikiPage with Uploaded Content

To create a WikiPage artifact with uploaded content, refer to the section "Creating Objects with Content".