The three levels on the window in this figure show the rate plan properties for a selected currency. The currency field is at the top level and shows the selection to be US Dollar (840). The adjoining Add and Change command buttons are enabled for the selected currency, while Delete is disabled. The second level shows the Rate Structure field with the MCommerce tree expanded and No Minimum-No maximum selected under MCommerce Fixed Rate. To the right are a set of command buttons associated with the Rate Structure field. The Delete Command button is enabled for the selected entry while Add, Move Up and Move Down buttons are disabled. The lowest level contains the Balance Impacts tab. This tab shows Valid Quantities section with Minimum of zero and Maximum of zero. Below it is the balance impacts for the selected currency in a table format. This table lists the resource (the selected currency), its GLID, Impact category, whether it is proratable, discountable or sponsorable, and the associated fixed and scaled amounts, and the unit for the selection.