This figure shows the process for setting up branding. The host administrator performs the following tasks: 1. Installs BRM. 2. Enables branding in the CM pin.cof file. 3. Defines configuration data, such as G/L IDs and resources. 4. Creates a brand price list in Pricing Center, and includes the admin_client service. 5. Creates brands in Brand Manager. Gives brand owners permission in Customer Center. 6. Set up default Web registration pages, defaults, and G/L reports. 7. Defines merchant numbers for credit card processing. The brand administrator performs the following tasks: 1. Creates a price list in Pricing Center. 2. Changes account defaults in Customer Center. 3. Create accounts and sets up permissions in Customer Center. 4. Customizes Web pages and invoices. 5. Sets up G/L. 6. Sets up reports. 7. Creates sub-brands and account groups.