3 Storable Class Definitions

This chapter provides reference information for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) storable class.

For more information about storable class definitions and field definitions, see BRM Storable Class Reference.

For information on how to define or modify storable classes and fields, see ”Creating, Editing, and Deleting Fields and Storable Classes” in BRM Developer's Guide.

For related information, see "Storable Class-to-SQL Mapping" and ”About Flists” in BRM Developer's Guide.

Fields Common to All Storable Classes

Every BRM storable class requires three fields to create its storable object in the system. These fields are available to BRM applications and Facilities Modules (FMs) but cannot be written to directly; they are manipulated only by the Storage Manager.

The fields are:

  • PIN_FLD_POID. The unique ID for the object.

  • PIN_FLD_CREATED_T. The time that the object was created.

  • PIN_FLD_MOD_T. The last time the object was modified.