15 SMS Settlement Reports

This chapter describes the Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) reports that support SMS Settlement, an optional component that you use to manage messages exchanged between subscribers of the home network and other networks. For information on generating SMS usage data, see "About Generating SMS Usage Reports" in BRM Configuring Roaming in Pipeline Manager.


SMS Settlement Reports is an optional component, not part of base BRM.

For general information on how to run and troubleshoot reports, see "Running BRM Reports".

SMS Interworking Bulk Data Report

The SMS Interworking Bulk Data report (SMSinterworkingbulk.rtf) tracks the aggregated information about SMS messages exchanged between home network and other networks. This report groups the SMS usage by APMN, the SMS originating Carrier ID.

You can find the SQL query for this report in the following file:

Local_drive:\BIP_Home\xmlp\XMLP\Reports\BRM Reports\SIM Card Manager Reports\SMSinterworkingbulk\SMSinterworkingbulk.xdo

SMSinterworkingbulk Parameters

You can change the following parameters to modify the output of the SMSinterworkingbulk report:

  • Start Date

  • End Date

  • APMN

  • HPMN

  • SMSRate

For information on parameters not described in Table 15-1, see "Understanding the Standard Parameters".

Table 15-1 SMSinterworkbulk Report Parameters

Parameter Description Valid Values Default Value


Origination Carrier ID of the SMS.

Enter ALL or a originating carrier ID.



Destination Carrier ID of the SMS.

Enter ALL or a destination carrier ID.



Price/Rate per SMS.

Enter ALL or any valid price.


Figure 15-1 shows the output of a SMSinterworkingbulk report:

Figure 15-1 SMSinterworkingbulk Report Output

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