14 Storable Class Changes from Portal 7.3 to BRM 7.3.1

This chapter provides upgrade impacts information for Portal™ Release 7.3 to Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Release 7.3.1. It describes the storable class changes that affect your Portal system, and what you must consider when you upgrade from 7.3 to 7.3.1. It also provides information about storable class index and schema changes.

For information on planning your upgrade implementation, such as setting up your development and test environments, see "About Upgrading BRM Releases".

Changed Storable Classes

Table 14-1 lists all storable classes that were changed between Portal 7.3 and BRM 7.3.1.

Table 14-1 Changed Storable Classes

Changed Storable Class Description


The following fields were added:

  • PIN_FLD_LAST_BILL_T stores the date that the current billing cycle started and the previous billing cycle ended.

  • PIN_FLD_FUTURE_BILL stores the date that the future billing cycle ends.