5 Utility Changes from BRM 7.4 to BRM 7.5

This chapter provides upgrade impacts information for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Release 7.4 to BRM 7.5. It describes the utility changes that affect your BRM system, and what you must consider when you upgrade from 7.4 to 7.5.

See "About Upgrading BRM Releases" for information on planning your upgrade implementation, such as setting up your development and test environments.

Changed Utilities

Table 5-1 contains a list of the utilities that were changed between BRM 7.4 and BRM 7.5 releases.

Table 5-1 Changes to Utilities in BRM 7.5

Changed Utility Description


If the environment is upgraded from an older version of BRM to BRM 7.5, you must run load_pin_impact_category to enable the change in BRM.

When you run the following:

> cd ${PIN_HOME}/sys/data/config
> load_pin_impact_category

The expected output is

> using config file (./pin_impact_category)
> object '/config/impact_category' created successfully


The following optional parameters have been added in the load_pin_network_elements utility for loading the pin_network_elements file:

  • -r: Deletes the existing /config/network_element object and creates a new object with the network elements provided in the pin_network_elements file.

  • -i: Appends the new elements in the pin_network_elements file to the existing elements in the /config/network_element object. This is the default.