Tag name: <dvt:exportPivotTableData>

The exportPivotTableData tag is a declarative way to allow an action source (<commandButton>, <commandLink>, etc.) to export data from the pivotTable component into an external format. Since export must be processed with an ordinary request - not XMLHttp AJAX requests - this tag forces partialSubmit to be false on the parent component, if it supports that attribute.


This example exports a pivotTable with the Id "pivotTable".

<af:commandButton text="Export To Excel" immediate="true">
            <af:exportPivotTableData type="excelHTML"
            exportedId="pivotTable" filename="export.xls" title="DVT Export"/>

NOTE: A limitation of the exportPivotTableData tag exists in Internet Explorer if the filename is multibyte, like Japanese characters. If the filename is multibyte and does not contain an ascii extension (e.g., .txt or .doc), then the filename will not display correctly in the file download box.


Name Type Supports EL? Description
exportedId String Yes ID of the component to be exported. IDs without a leading separator character are treated as relative to the command component that will be invoking this action.
filename String Yes the proposed filename for the exported content. When set, a "Save File" dialog will typically be displayed, though this is ultimately up to the browser. If not set, the content will typically be displayed inline in the browser if possible.
title String Yes the title of the exported document. Whether the title is displayed and how exactly it is displayed depends on the export format and the opening application.
type String Yes export type. The only currently supported value is 'excelHTML'.
exportedData String Yes the data to include in the export. Allowable values are 'all' (the default) and 'selected'.