Tag name: <dvt:mapLegend>

The mapLegend tag lets developers customize different aspects of the legend. To view the legend, the user has to use the mapToolbar to show/hide the legend.

Relationship with other tags

The <dvt:mapLegend> tag is a child of the <dvt:map> tag


Name Type Supports EL? Description
rendered boolean no Specifies whether the legend is rendered. The default value is true
initialShown boolean no Specifies whether the legend should be shown in a popup when the map starts. The default value is false.
width int no Specifies the width of the legend. The default width is 200.
height int no Specifies the height of legend. The default height is 150.
pointThemeLabel java.lang.String no Specifies the label for the point theme. All point themes are shown as one option on the drop down. This attribute let developers to change the label for the point theme. The default value is "Point Theme".
numberOfColumns int no Specifies the number of columns to use for displaying the colors of a color theme in the legend. Developers can specify any number of colors for the colorTheme. For example, if a color theme has 15 colors, and the value of this attribute is 3, then the legend will show 5 rows on the legend for the theme, where each row has 3 columns.