Tag name: <dvt:o1MajorTick>

Use the o1MajorTick tag to control the appearance of major tick marks on the ordinal (or category) axis.

Relationship with other tags

This component must be a child of one of the following components:

  • graph
  • areaGraph
  • barGraph
  • comboGraph
  • dualYBarGraph
  • dualYComboGraph
  • dualYLineGraph
  • horizontalBarGraph
  • horizontalStackedBarGraph
  • paretoGraph
  • lineGraph
  • radarGraph
  • stackedBarGraph
  • stockCandleGraph
  • stockGraph


The following example shows the XML for a o1MajorTick tag.

      <dvt:o1MajorTick lineWidth="1" lineColor="#cccccc" lineStyle="LS_SOLID" tickStyle="GS_GRID"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
lineColor java.lang.String yes Specifies the color of the major tick line on the axis. Enter values in RGB hexadecimal. The example color="#000000" specifies black.
lineWidth int yes Specifies the width of the major tick line in pixels. The width is 1 pixel by default.
lineStyle java.lang.String yes Specifies the style for the major tick line. Valid values are:
  • LS_SOLID - (Default) Use a solid line.
  • LS_DASH - Use a dash line.
  • LS_DOTTED - Use a dotted line.
  • LS_DASH_DOT - Use a line with combination of dashes and dots.
tickStyle java.lang.String yes Specifies the type of tick mark to be used for major ticks on this axis. Valid values are:
  • GS_AUTOMATIC - (Default) Graph determines the tick style automatically.
  • GS_EXTENDED - Tick marks span the plot area, and extend beyond the axis.
  • GS_GRID - Tick marks span the plot area, but they do not extend beyond the axis.
  • GS_IN - Tick lines appear above the axis.
  • GS_NONE - No tick lines appear.
  • GS_SPAN - Tick marks span across the axis.
  • GS_OUT - Tick lines appear below the axis.