Tag name: <dvt:o1TickLabel>

Use the o1TickLabel tag to control the appearance of the ordinal axis tick label, including the rotation and presence of tick labels.

The ordinal (or category) axis of a graph shows ordered data, such as ratings or stages, or nominal data, such as different cities or different products. On a vertical bar graph, for example, the ordinal axis is the horizontal line across the bottom of the plot area. The values along the ordinal axis do not identify the extent of the data shown. Instead, the values identify the different groups in which the data belongs.

The ordinal axis appears on bar, line, area, combination, radar, and three-dimensional graphs. As with data axes, the ordinal axis has tick marks that locate the different items in the series, and it has tick labels that identify the different series items.

Relationship with other tags

The o1TickLabel tag must be a child of one of the following components: Advanced graph, areaGraph, barGraph, comboGraph, funnelGraph, dualYBarGraph, dualYComboGraph, dualYLineGraph, horizontalBarGraph, horizontalStackedBarGraph, paretoGraph, lineGraph, radarGraph, stackedBarGraph, stockCandleGraph, stockGraph.

The o1TickLabel tag can have the following child tag: graphFont tag.


The following example shows the XML for a o1TickLabel tag that also has a graphFont child tag to cutomize the text in the label.

      <dvt:o1TickLabel textRotation="TR_HORIZ" tickLabelSkipMode="TLS_AUTOMATIC" tickLabelSkipCount="0" tickLabelSkipFirst="0" automaticRotation="AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270">
         <dvt:graphFont name="SansSerif" size="10" color="#000000" bold="false" italic="false" underline="false"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
automaticRotation java.lang.String yes Specifies the the angle of automatic rotation for the text within the rectangle for each of the ordinal axis tick labels. Valid values are:
  • AR_NO_ROTATE - No text rotation.
  • AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90 - Text rotation angle of 90 degrees.
  • AR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270 - (Default) Text rotation angle of 270 degrees.
textRotation java.lang.String yes Specifies the orientation of the rotated text. Needs to set automaticRotation to AR_NO_ROTATE in order to work. Valid values are:
  • 0 - (Default) Use horizontal orientation.
  • Any Integer value between 0-360.
  • TR_HORIZ - (Deprecated) Use horizontal orientation.
  • TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_90 - (Deprecated) Use 90 degree orientation for rotated text.
  • TR_HORIZ_ROTATE_270 - (Deprecated) Use 270 degree orientation for rotated text.
tickLabelSkipCount int yes Specifies the number of tick labels that the graph hides between each displayed tick label. This property applies only when the tickLabelSkipMode attribute is set to TLS_MANUAL. The count of "0" causes all tick labels to be displayed on the axis.
tickLabelSkipFirst int yes Specifies the index of the first tick label that is to be skipped. Valid values range from 0 to the number of tick labels on the axis. This attribute applies only when the tickLabelSkipMode attribute is set to TLS_MANUAL.
tickLabelSkipMode java.lang.String yes

Specifies the type of skipping that is used for the tick labels on this axis. Valid values are:

  • TLS_AUTOMATIC - The graph determines whether tick labels will be skipped.
  • TLS_MANUAL - The setting of the tickLabelSkipCount attribute determines what labels will be skipped.
  • TLS_NOSKIP - No labels are skipped.
rendered boolean yes Indicates whether the O1TickLabels are to be visible. Valid values are:
  • true - (Default) If the tick label is rendered.
  • false - If the tick label is not rendered.