Tag name: <dvt:paretoLine>

Use the paretoLine tag to define the characteristics of the line that shows cumulative percentages in a pareto graph.

A pareto graph identifies the sources of defects using a series of bars. The bars are arranged by value, from the greatest number to the lowest number. The pareto line shows the percentage of the cumulative values of the bars, to the total values of all the bars in the graph. The line always ends at 100 percent.

Pareto graphs are dual-Y graphs. The Y1-axis corresponds to values that the bars represent. The Y2-axis corresponds to the cumulative percentage values.

Relationship with other tags

The paretoLine tag is a child tag of the graph or paretoGraph tag.


The following example shows the XML for a paretoLine tag and a paretoMarker tag that uses a plus sign for the marker.

      <dvt:paretoMarker markerShape="MS_PLUS"/>
      <dvt:paretoLine color="#ff0000" width="3" lineStyle="LS_SOLID"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
color java.lang.String yes Specifies the color of the pareto line. Enter values in RGB hexadecimal. The example color="#000000" specifies black color. This color property takes 6 or 8 digit hex as input. When 8 digit hex is used, the first 2 digits represent transparency, otherwise the color is opaque.
width int yes Specifies the width of the pareto line in pixels. The width is 5 pixels by default.
lineStyle java.lang.String yes Specifies the style for the pareto line. Valid values are:
  • LS_SOLID - (Default) Use a solid line.
  • LS_DASH - Use a dash line.
  • LS_DOTTED - Use a dotted line.
  • LS_DASH_DOT - Use a line with combination of dashes and dots.