Tag name: <dvt:paretoMarker>

Use the paretoMarker tag to define the characteristics of markers on the pareto line in a pareto graph.

Relationship with other tags

The paretoMarker tag is a child tag of the graph or paretoGraph tag.


The following example shows the XML for a paretoMarker tag that uses a plus sign for the marker.

      <dvt:paretoMarker markerShape="MS_PLUS"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
markerShape java.lang.String yes Indicates the shape of a marker on the pareto line in a pareto graph. Valid values for the display of the marker are:
  • MS_NONE - (Default) Displays no marker.
  • MS_CIRCLE - Displays a circle.
  • MS_DIAMOND - Displays a diamond.
  • MS_PLUS - Displays a plus sign.
  • MS_SQUARE - Displays a square.
  • MS_TRIANGLE_DOWN - Displays a triangle pointed down.
  • MS_TRIANGLE_UP - Displays a triangle pointed up.