Tag name: <dvt:specialEffects>

Use the specialEffects tag to set gradient properties of a subcomponent of a graph or gauge.

Relationship with other tags

The specialEffects tag may be a child of the following components:
background, legendArea, graphPlotArea, graphPieFrame, referenceObject, series, timeSelector
gaugeBackground, gaugeSetBackground, gaugePlotArea, gaugeFrame, gaugeLegendArea,
lowerLabelFrame, upperLabelFrame, threshold, indicator, indicatorBase, indicatorBar, threshold

The specialEffects tag can have a child tag: gradientStopStyle


The following example shows the XML for a gradient fill for a gauge background.

      <dvt:gaugeBackground borderColor="#848284">
         <dvt:specialEffects fillType="FT_GRADIENT" gradientDirection="GD_RADIAL" gradientNumStops="2">
            <dvt:gradientStopStyle stopIndex="0" gradientStopPosition="60" gradientStopColor="#FFFFCC"/>
            <dvt:gradientStopStyle stopIndex="1" gradientStopPosition="90" gradientStopColor="#FFFF99"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
fillType java.lang.String yes Specifies whether a gradient or solid fill is used.
  • FT_COLOR - Specifies a solid fill with no gradient.
  • FT_GRADIENT - Specifies a gradient fill, specialized by attributes of the gradientStopStyle tag.
gradientDirection java.lang.String yes Determines the direction of change for the gradient fill.
  • GD_RIGHT - specifies left-to-right change
  • GD_DOWN - specifies top-to-bottom change
  • GD_DIAGONAL_45 - specifies top-right-to-bottom-left change
  • GD_DIAGONAL_135 - specifies top-left-to-bottom-right change
  • GD_RADIAL - specifies center-to-edge radial change
  • GD_RADIAL_TOP_LEFT - specifies a radial change that begins in the top left corner
  • GD_RADIAL_TOP_RIGHT - specifies a radial change that begins in the top right corner
  • GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_LEFT - specifies a radial change that begins in the bottom left corner
  • GD_RADIAL_BOTTOM_RIGHT - specifies a radial change that begins in the bottom right corner
  • GD_RADIAL_OFF_CENTER - specifies a radial change that begins in the center slightly to the left. Only supported for gauge components.
gradientNumStops int yes Specifies the number of gradientStopStyles (number of colors) used.