Tag name: <dvt:tickLabel>

Use the tickLabel tag to specify which tick marks in a gauge have labels. This tag also determines the type of number that appears in the label.

Relationship with other tags

The tickLabel tag is a child tag of the gauge tag.
The tickLabel tag has the following child tag: gaugeFont and numberFormat.


The following example shows the XML for a tickLabel tag.

      <dvt:tickLabel content="TC_THRESHOLD TC_METRIC" numberType="NT_PERCENT"> 
         <dvt:gaugeFont name="Tahoma" size="11" color="#3C3C3C" bold="true" italic="false"/> 


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
content java.lang.String yes Specifies where tick labels occur within a gauge set. Valid values include any combination of the following separated by spaces or commas:

Default value is: TC_MIN_MAX | TC_INCREMENTS

  • TC_INCREMENTS - Displays tick labels by increments.
  • TC_MAJOR_TICK - Displays tick labels for minimum, maximum, and increments.
  • TC_MIN_MAX - Displays tick labels for minimum and maximum values.
  • TC_METRIC - Displays tick labels for actual metric values.
  • TC_NONE - Displays no tick labels.
  • TC_THRESHOLD - Displays tick labels for threshold values.
numberType java.lang.String yes Format for numbers that are displayed in the tick labels. Valid values are:
  • NT_NUMBER - (Default) Specifies that the actual value is displayed.
  • NT_PERCENT - Specifies that percentages are displayed and the axis is scaled from 0 to 100%.
position java.lang.String yes Specifies the position of the tick labels. Valid values are:
  • TLP_EXTERIOR - Specifies that the tick labels are displayed outside the plotArea.
  • TLP_INTERIOR - (Default) Specifies that the tick labels are displayed inside the plotArea.