Tag name: <dvt:volumeMarker>

Use the volumeMarker tag to define the characteristics of volume markers in a stock graph.

Relationship with other tags

The volumeMarker tag is a child tag of the graph tag.


The following example shows the XML for a volumeMarker tag that specifies a fill color of red.

      <dvt:volumeMarker fillColor="#00cc00"/>


Name Type Supports EL? Description
id java.lang.String no Specifies the identifier for the component
fillColor java.lang.String yes Specifies the fill color of the volume in stock graphs that show volume. Enter values in RGB hexadecimal. The example color="#000000" specifies black fill color. This color property takes 6 or 8 digit hex as input. When 8 digit hex is used, the first 2 digits represent transparency, otherwise the color is opaque.