The image shows the Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control page. The navigation pane on the left shows the soa_soainfra node expanded with the following subnodes: Application Deployments, SOA Composite Deployments, and Fusion Middleware.

The Fusion Middleware node is expanded to show the soa-infra(server_soa) subnode, which is selected. The B2B_EDI_X12 [1.0] pane on the right shows the following tabs: Dashboard, Instances, Faults and Rejected Messages, Unit Tests, and Policies. The Instances tab is selected. The first area of the Instances tab shows the Search criteria, and includes the following fields: Instance ID, Conversation ID, Start Time From, and Start Time To. The first area also shows the Search and Reset buttons.

The second area of the Instances tab shows the search results as a table, and includes the following columns: Instance ID, Conversation ID, State, Faults, Start Time, and Logs.