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Oracle® Fusion Middleware Desktop Integration Developer's Guide for Oracle Application Development Framework
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)
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Title and Copyright Information


1 Introduction to Oracle ADF Desktop Integration

2 Introduction to the Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Sample Application

3 Setting Up Your Development Environment

4 Preparing Your Integrated Excel Workbook

5 Getting Started with the Development Tools

6 Working with Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Form-type Components

7 Working with Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Table-type Components

8 Adding Interactivity to Your Integrated Excel Workbook

9 Configuring the Appearance of an Integrated Excel Workbook

10 Internationalizing Your Integrated Excel Workbook

11 Securing Your Integrated Excel Workbook

12 Adding Validation to an Integrated Excel Workbook

13 Testing Your Integrated Excel Workbook

14 Deploying Your Integrated Excel Workbook

15 Using an Integrated Excel Workbook Across Multiple Web Sessions and in Disconnected Mode

A Oracle ADF Desktop Integration Component Properties and Actions

B Oracle ADF Desktop Integration EL Expressions

C Troubleshooting an Integrated Excel Workbook

D Using Workbook Management Tools

E Desktop Integration Settings in the Web Application Deployment Descriptor

F String Keys in the Reserved Resource Bundle

G Java Data Types Supported By Oracle ADF Desktop Integration

H Using ADF Desktop Integration Model API

I End User Actions