This graphic displays the Manage: Volumes > Backup Sections page.

At the top right are the Remove and OK buttons. Underneath these buttons are the Show Properties button.

The graphic shows a Backup Sections table. Above the table are the links Select All and Clear.

The table contains the following columns: Select, OID, Containing Volume, File, Section, Backup level, Client, Encryption, Created Size.

Row 1 contains the values: select, 106, RMAN-DEFAULT-000002, 1, 1, 0, brhost1, off, 2009/03/20.17:27, 2.9 MB.

Row 2 contains the values: select, 108, RMAN-DEFAULT-000002, 2, 1, 0, brhost1, off, 2009/03/20.17:29, 2.9 MB.