This graphic shows the Manage: Catalog Imports page.

The tabs on the top left are: Home, Configure, Manage, Backup, and Restore.

On the right is the "Go" button.

Row 1 displays the 'Priority' field with the value 100.

Row 2 displays the 'Import from disk' option which consists of a drop-down list of configured disk pools.

Row 3 onwards the 'Import from tape' options are displayed. This row displays the 'Volume ID' radio button with the value VOL00001.

Row 4 displays the 'Barcode' radio button.

Row 5 dislays the 'Tape drive' drop-down list and the 'Begin import starting with the first full image on the tape' check box.

Row 6 displays the 'Force import (catalogs from available volume(s) in a set - use when missing one or more volumes)' check box.

Row 7 displays the 'Fast import (imports metadata associated with existing backup images only)'