Chapter 17.  Iterator Classes for db_set and db_multiset

db_set_base_iterator and db_set_iterator are the const iterator and iterator class for db_set and db_multiset .

They have identical behaviors to std::set::const_iterator and std::set::iterator respectively.

The difference between the two classes is that the db_set_base_iterator can only be used to read its referenced value, while db_set_iterator allows both read and write access. If the access pattern is readonly, it is strongly recommended that you use the const iterator because it is faster and more efficient.

The two classes inherit several functions from db_map_base_iterator and db_map_iterator respectively.

See Also

db_map_base_iterator db_map_iterator

Public Members

Member Description
db_set_base_iterator db_set_base_iterator
db_set_iterator db_set_iterator


Dbstl Iterator Classes